SCN Data Hub – Growth & Progress Report (June ’23)

SCN General news



The SCN Data Hub continues to grow!

For those who have not participated in conversations, webinars, and workshops, we are creating a system so that all SCN Members who wish to connect digitally their operations irrespective of the TMS system that they are using and their location. SCN Data Hub allows data to be entered into one system and then transmitted, without the need for double manual entry with the associated use of time and potential errors. Each participating member makes ONE data integration to the SCN Hub, to be able to transmit and receive data. Currently BOOKINGS and SHIPMENTS with associated documents are being transmitted, as we look to incorporate not just more members, but functions such as rates, tracking and invoicing.

API Integrations continue to grow elsewhere in logistics between forwarders and:

  • Clients
  • Hauliers/truckers
  • Shipping lines

But what about your agents? Too difficult as many work on different TMS? You work with too many partners and agents in some countries?

Sooner or later, you will need to investigate integration with your agents to avoid falling behind. Join us as we connect an increasing number of SCN members wanting to overcome this hurdle and enjoy benefits of data integration between TMS around the SCN network.


SCN Data Hub Meeting – Wednesday 7th June – 7:30hrs (CET)

JOIN US – to see the progress and consider forming part of the SCN DATA HUB

Conncet up with other members who are discussing their progress and potential on our growing SCN Data Hub.