SCN Data Hub – Progress Report

SCN General news



An update on the SCN Data Hub, for all those SCN Members who wish to connect digitally their operations irrespective of the TMS system that they are using and their location.

SCN Data Hub allows data to be entered into one system and then transmitted, without the need for double manual entry with the associated use of time and potential errors. Each participating member makes ONE data integration to the SCN Hub, to be able to transmit and receive data. Currently BOOKINGS and SHIPMENTS with associated documents are being transmitted, as we look to incolrporate not just more members, but functions such as rates, tracking and invoicing.

We now have regular meetings to follow-up progress with our participating members and take note of any new  functions  or enhancements required by our Members. Next meeting is on 22nd March.

We would like to say “Thank you” to those members who have fully integrated the SCN DATA HUB’s functions into their work process. As with all digital integrations, this involves a process that is much more than “simply flicking a switch”. Welcome to those Members who are now in their on-boarding process.


If you would like to join the SCN DATA HUB, or at least stay informed of the progress being made, please let us know so we can provide more information on the compatability of your TMS. Also let us konw so you (or your IT dept) can connect up with our monthly progress meeting on 22nd March.