SCN Web analytics Q1 2022 – Top five Member offices

SCN General news

Are you one of the top five in the ranking of popular Members within SCN’s website?

We are experiencing a noticable rise in the hits on SCN’s web site and wanted YOU to be a part of that increase. Increased hits means increased collaborations and increased trades….or at least that’s what we hope.

Taking a look at the first quarter of 2022, these are our TOP FIVE member offices


Merzario GmbH (Hamburg, Germany) –  view their office profile here.


Kras-Logistics GmbH (Frankfurt, Germany)- view their office profile here


Bati Innovative Logistics (Istanbul, Turkey)  – view their office here.


F.W. Neukirch (GmbH & Co.) KG (Bremen, Germany) – view their office here.


Allservices S.R.L (Milan , Italy).-  view their office profile here



CONGRATULATIONS to all of you. We hope that this represents more interactions and benefits for you.

Is it because they have adjusted their profiles, added specializations…and the occasional news story? Being an active member can drive web traffic towards your page. For that we strongly recommend that you adjust the following on your SCN profile:


  • Update your PROFILE to indicate relevant info on your branches
  • Make your CONTACT PEOPLE the relevant and visible ones – with photos, cell phones
  • Add SPECIALIZATIONS so those who search for them will find YOU. 


Want to know how? Contact us and we’ll help out.


Sophie Mancebo